More smooth moves from Russ Carnahan

When SEIU folks are shown on video beating up a black man in a parking lot after your town hall, when you’re caught on tape giving a top secret press conference and you totally fumble when asked about said beating, when your party is implicated in calling in the muscle to stifle dissent, the last thing you do is, say, hire SEIU’s former media person.

Unless you’re Russ Carnahan.

Just last month Carnie hired Sara Howard, formerly with SEIU, as his new communications director.

Picture 3

Maybe it’s just me, but wouldn’t you want to move beyond this incestuous political circle? Hire someone outside the circle with no ties to something which is going to come back and haunt you in 2010?

Howard’s husband, Tony Wyche, is the spokesman for Russ Carnahan’s sister, Robin Carnahan who is prepping for her senate run. Howard also blogs at Fired Up Missouri, affectionately known throughout the blogosphere as the Carnahan family site.

(h/t to 24thstate)