Obama seeks to extend Patriot Act

It blew when Bush did it and so it blows now; the difference between then and now is liberal reaction. They all decried Bush’s actions but are silent at all this administration’s malfeasance.

The Obama administration has asked Congress to extend three contentious provisions of the USA Patriot Act – a bill once described by President Obama as “shoddy” – and urged an appeals court to deny access to U.S. courts for detainees at a military prison in Afghanistan.

Civil liberties groups immediately criticized both moves, which would extend Bush-era terrorism policies that have long been unpopular with Democrats.

Obama isn’t just extending the Patriot Act; he’s weakening due process even further.

I actually agree with this, as per my edits:

In its 85-page filing, the Obama administration said Bagram detainees should not have access to U.S. courts because the situations at that prison and Guantanamo are not similar for many reasons, such as the Bagram prison location in a war zone in Afghanistan. they are terrorists.

So, aside from the ACLU getting their pannies in a twist over the wrong reasons (namely that people who seek to destroy this country are ineligible for the protections afforded by, and the rights inherent to, this country), I’ve not heard much from the left. Obama lied … people died anyone?