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Purple People Beaters is where the free world tracks the atrocities of the SEIU and other corrupt unions.  We’re looking for reporters to provide meaningful, libel-free content.  Topics include:

  • Andy Stern
  • SEIU Thuggery
  • SEIU Government Money
  • SEIU and ACORN
  • SEIU and Communists
  • SEIU and Illegal Immigration
  • SEIU Corruption
  • SEIU Member Complaints

To become a regular contributor, send an email to reporters@purplepeoplebeaters.com.  You must provide your name, a writing sample (200 to 700 words), and a brief (100 words) statement of why you’d make a great SEIU reporter.

To give tips on SEIU activity, just email tips@purplepeoplebeaters.com.  We’ll investigate and post if legit and newsworthy.

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