Roy Blunt fights back against Carnahan smears (updated)

I first heard about this Friday night when several conservative bloggers I know asked if I’d heard Rep. Roy Blunt’s comment at that evening’s Values Voters Summit. Considering the tenor surrounding his comment, I was expecting a racial slur or an egregious slip in judgement. When I finally heard the audio my jaw dropped.

Blunt’s response on my show last night:

It was an anecdote about facing adversity in life – a story about monkeys – and the first thing they thought of was our President and people of color. That was the first thing that popped into their mind. I’m not making this up. Psychologists often employ word association to gauge a person’s character; I’d say that immediately thinking of President Obama when hearing something so non sequitur suggests a seriously racist character. In their attempt to falsely play the race card, Fired Up and the Carnahans just showed their entire backside.

It’s common knowledge that second only to going Julia Sugarbaker on Democrat misdeeds is my fondness for going Julia Sugarbaker on Republican misdeeds, and that Blunt and I aren’t exactly BFF. I don’t like how he voted on cash for clunkers, among other things, but this charge that the Carnahans are firing at him is ridiculous. It’s offensive because crying wolf hurts the chances that real victims of racism have of getting justice. How does Fired Up and the Carnahans figure doing so helps people of color? Have they played the race card so much that they’ve forgotten how to identify actual racism? Even the White House has distanced itself from such smears.

As I said last night, half of me wanted to say this was bad judgement on Blunt’s part because there are now words in our English language that we can’t use because racist liberals immediately equate them to people of color; saying that he used bad judgement infers racism where there was none. The other half of me wanted to say I’m glad that someone is standing up to being emotionally blackmailed by liberals who will slander anyone whom they view as an opponent.

Jim at 24thstate has an incredibly in-depth, must-read look at how certain Democrats in our state are willing to behave as a way to trump up outrage. Ridiculous:

As the paid webmaster of FiredUp Missouri, which has direct links to the Robin Carnahan’s Secretary of State office, Nicholson attempted to create a “macaca” moment for Carnahan’s likely 2010 Senate opponent where there was none.  Hearing the word monkey, Sean Soendker Nicholson, apparently alone among those who read or were live at the story, immediately thought, “aha, Barack Obama!”

Wow. Jim also highlights how the site is linked to the Carnahans and has become an easy tool for the family to lash out at their opponents and critics without getting into the fray themselves.

That explains why it looks like Fired Up has man crush on Blunt.

*Jim Hoft reports

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