Unreal: Cap-and-trade will kill the housing industry

As the owner of a very old home, this infuriates me:

That bill contains 397 new regulations. One of them would affect almost everyone who buys or sells a home. If Waxman-Markey becomes law, homes for sale that qualify as “federally related transactions” — which is almost all of them — would be required to undergo an environmental inspection.

Compliance with new energy-efficiency standards would make homes, especially older ones, more expensive. Selling one’s home would become even harder than it already is in this down market if Waxman-Markey-style cap and trade becomes law.

And that is just one of the unintended consequences.

Suppose you have a window that isn’t quite airtight or your appliances are a little too old. Maybe they’re not Energy Star certified. You’d have to replace them before you would be allowed to sell your home.


For people who don’t have a lot of money, or who enjoy working with their hands, or who want to customize their home, this can be a very fulfilling path to homeownership. Waxman-Markey would take that away.

These things should only matter to the people selling/buying/living in the home. It’s not the government’s business to micro-manage citizens’ real estate transactions. Is the Obama administration trying to increase the foreclosure rate? Are they trying to make it more difficult for lower-income families to sell or buy homes? It makes the option of renting look that much sweeter. Goodbye, tax bases!