Birthday girl

Dana, age four
In my “Royal Tenenbaums” phase

God as a dry sense of humor because I woke up today, my birthday, the day my show goes daily, with step throat. He was all “Let’s kick it UP a notch.” My amazing doctor, the Texan who wears cowboy boots, has stuffed game adorning his walls next to a running tally of all President Obama’s misdeeds, is quick to help me fend off the germs and get me back to A-game shape.

Thanks for the support these past almost-two years since I first appeared on the airwaves. It’s been such a blast and I love every minute of it.

And because I haven’t promoted it enough, tonight! The Dana Show goes daily! First guest Andrew Breitbart! 7 p.m. central! Listen live at 97.1 FM Talk or stream at!