St. Louis Fed cuts ACORN ties

A little sleuthing from The Editor at

ACORNSTLThis is a bit of a no big deal victory, but the St Louis Federal Reserve has quietly dropped ACORN Housing from their list of foreclosure and homebuying resources.

While looking for ACORN housing in St Louis, the only references that came up besides the recently shut-down office were links from the St Louis Federal Reserve, who listed ACORN Housing as a contact for getting help on Learn Before You Leap, and Foreclosure Survival Guide, two pdf’s on their consumer information page.  Notice both documents now have a 09/09 date on the bottom right.


Now, ACORN Housing hasn’t been live in St Louis for a few months.  No one yet has been able to help me understand where they went, or where the $100,000 Mayor Slay gave them went

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Very curious indeed that no mention has been made of that missing $100k.

24thstate isn’t the only one asking questions, either.