St. Louis University accommodates pro-Hamas speaker, rejects pro-Israel speaker

St. Louis University has rejected a speech from David Horowitz, marking the first time the author/activist has been disinvited to speak at a university. This would be the second poor decision that SLU has made of late; I’m hoping they reconsider this one.

Author and activist David Horowitz was invited to speak at Saint Louis University by the SLU College Republicans and Young America’s Foundation on Oct. 13. SLU officials, however, had problems with the subject matter of Horowitz’s proposed speech, entitled “An Evening with David Horowitz: Islamo-Fascism Awareness and Civil Rights.”

“For me, it was … the content,” Dean of Students Scott Smith said. “Particularly, the blanketed use of the term Islamo-Fascism.”

Addressing Smith’s concerns, Horowitz said that there was a misconception about the subject matter on which he intended to speak.

“I was told that I insinuate that all Muslims are fascist, which is a lie,” he said. “I defend Muslims, specifically Muslim women.”

Horowitz said that the subject of his speech would have focused on the “Holocaust being organized against the Jews,” and the destruction of the Jewish state, which he referred to as “genocide.”

Why do SLU administrators see Islamo-fascism a blanket pejorative term for all Muslims, unless they view the religion itself as entirely fascist? It seems that Horowitz’s viewpoints are only considered “controversial” because those who disagree are vocal; SLU had no problem accommodating Norman Finkelstein, a man who called Jimmy Carter “the most revered ex-president in our history,” said that Israel was “four times the terror state” that Hamas is during his SLU speech, and has published works against Israeli suffering while exalting Hamas’s actions and ignoring the instigation of the ruling terror group.

It seems like St. Louis University has an agenda it would like to push, one that is not at all fairly representative of the complete worldview to its students. Sad, because the students are the ones who get shafted in the end.