Where are the anti-war left now?

Seems as though Cindy Sheehan is the only one who remained true to her convictions, recently criticizing the left for swaying whichever the way the DNC blows. More troop deaths, one of the bloodiest battles this year:

The attacks also came at a crucial juncture in the eight-year-old war, with President Obama soon to decide whether to accept a request by General Stanley McChrystal, the commander of the 100,000-strong US and Nato force in Afghanistan, for 40,000 extra troops, or to scale back the counter-insurgency operation and focus narrowly on crushing al-Qaeda.


Around 400 coalition troops have now been killed in Afghanistan this year, well over half of them American.

No, you won’t be seeing me code in a military mortality toll in my sidebar like so many of those tacky Bush-haters.

I would love for whomever is leading us to make the right decision (is it Pelosi and Reid or Obama? The way they lead him around by the ear, I get confused). In the meantime, I want no one to forget the hypocrisy of the vitriolic left who used our soldiers as mere pawns in a political game of chicken last fall. Their loyalty isn’t to our country or to our soldiers; this is evident by how they support a war under one president and oppose it under another.

Didn’t Obama promise to get us out of Iraq, anyway, which he still hasn’t done? Why, just to put us in Afghanistan?