Tea partiers infiltrate Pelosi-Carnahan fundraiser

Wherein Nancy Pelosi praises Russ Carnahan for following her lead instead of leading on his own.

From The Editor at 24thstate:

This is what doesn’t make sense unless you know Russ. Pelosi says Carnahan is not high maintenance, and the crowd bursts into laughter.  They know Russ is just a mindless rubber stamp for her wishes, and they think it’s funny.  And these are his supporters! Pelosi tries to backpedal, and explain that Carnahan helps other members see the light, but only makes it worse when she states he doesn’t ever have problems with the bills.  Considering that Carnahan doesn’t read the bills he votes on, that might not have been the most politic thing to say.

Remember this:

Russ Carnahan admitted he didn’t read the stimulus bill.

Russ Carnahan could not have read the Cap and Trade bill before voting on it.

From the townhalls he did show up to you, Russ clearly didn’t understand the healthcare legislation, merely parroting the talking points Pelosi hands him.  Remember him being laughed at for saying it saves money?

Nancy Pelosi might as well move to St. Louis since she’s already representing us in that Russ Carnahan is nothing more than a rubber stamp for her agenda.

This is both amusing and sad: the majority of the American people emphatically do not support either the proposed health care “reform” or cap-and-trade and Russ Carnahan could care less what voters think – and Nancy Pelosi condescends upon our city to praise him for it.