Baucus bill does nothing for individual rights

The CBO is Obama’s magic eight ball and with the latest shake comes the report that:

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) issued a cost estimate of the healthcare reform bill under consideration by the Senate Finance Committee, concluding it would increase federal spending by $829 billion over 10 years but be offset by enough spending cuts and tax increases to reduce the budget deficit by $81 billion.

Keep in mind this is just the latest draft in a series of drafts that will still take on a number of amendments which will jack with the estimate six ways to Sunday. If the administration had a precedence of rolling out programs that weren’t total failures (stimulus) or way more expensive than predicted (cash for clunkers) then perhaps I’d be a bit more open.

More importantly, this does nothing to assuage my fears about this legislation: I don’t want to be FINED and possibly JAILED for not CHOOSING government healthcare. That’s an even bigger threat to me that the iffy math on the pre-amendment DRAFT of this legislation. Where are all the wiretapping people and their Paul Revere cries of danger when you need them?