Code Pink forced to eat crow

Were this any other group perhaps I’m demonstrate a bit more grace when discussing them but I don’t feel very merciful considering that they gave aid to our enemies at the expense of our own troops. From the Christian Science Monitor:

Code Pink, founded in 2002 to oppose the US invasion of Iraq, is one of the more high-profile women’s antiwar groups being forced to rethink its position as Afghan women explain theirs: Without international troops, they say, armed groups could return with a vengeance – and that would leave women most vulnerable.

Though Afghans have their grievances against the international troops’ presence, chief among them civilian casualties, many fear an abrupt departure would create a dangerous security vacuum to be filled by predatory and rapacious militias. Many women, primary victims of such groups in the past, are adamant that international troops stay until a sufficient number of local forces are trained and the rule of law established. (Read more about Afghan women’s concerns here.)

During their weeklong visit here, in which they met with government officials, politicians, ministers, women activists, and civil society groups, the small team of Code Pink members had hoped to gather evidence to bolster their call for US troop withdrawal within two years, and capitalize on growing anxiety back home about the war.

While the group hasn’t dropped its call for a pullout, the visit convinced them that setting a deadline isn’t in Afghanistan’s interests, say Ms. Benjamin and fellow cofounder Jodie Evans.

They apparently don’t care for Iraqi women as the war opened the doors of equality for them and many were able to serve in the government and seek higher education afterwards. But that was “Bush’s war.” If anything but a Democrat is in charge Code Pink will sacrifice the innocent people being helped as collateral in their quest to protest such a leader. It’s because we now have Obama as president and a Democratic majority that Code Pink has changed their minds. Whereas railing against helping innocent men, women, and children under a Republican president was considered the height of dissent, now they’d just look like ignorant witches for doing the same under a president of their choosing.

Hypocrisy is apparently the new high form of patriotism.