Free money in Detroit

I’ve been poor. I’m still not even considered “upper middle class.” My car is old, rusting, I can’t afford a new one (and why would I want one? My car gets me from A to B); oh – and guess what America? I DON’T HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE! Shocker, eh? But you know what? I don’t WANT a government handout. I want to provide FOR MYSELF. I will work and we will get insurance and pay our own premiums. This is why stories like this send me through the roof:

Detroit’s homeless and low-income residents have another opportunity for a chance at millions of stimulus dollars.
The money is available to help low-income residents from becoming homeless and homeless residents to find housing.
Thousands of people lined up Tuesday.
Some people in line falsely believed they were registering for $3,000 stimulus checks from the Obama Administration.

I don’t want anyone else paying for my or my family’s health insurance. We’re able-bodied people, we will work, save, and do it ourselves because THAT is the American way and despite that, I think we have a good life.

It infuriates me that all our tax dollars are going towards paying someone else’s way when I am still scrambling to pay for doctor visits for my family. So who is it that doesn’t have the heart?