Show 108 – Friday Mailbag!

The first installment of a new weekly bit, Friday Mailbag wherein I share my mail – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Also on deck: How to win a Nobel Prize in 11 days; AND open phone lines!

Annnnd here’s a shot of me and associate producer Kevin, when he’s not hanging out at Whole Foods for the hippie ladies, courtesy of Mary H. from the Science Center:

Picture 13

We came in 2nd place in the first round and 4th over all. It doesn’t help that I accidently ran my Segway up over a sidewalk and at a Science Center employee (no damage!). I need to practice with the Wii balance games more.

Picture 15

It’s also very difficult to not look like you have the posture of an upright field mouse when riding these things. We also have video that I will unwillingly post later, unwillingly due to the sidewalk incident-thing.

(We decided after the event that we want Segways of our own.) Thanks Science Center and SciFest 09!