Show 108: Chickfight on a Bus edition


On deck tonight:

– I’m also not George Bush. Where’s my Nobel Peace Prize?

– The administration only agrees with the CBO when they shake them like a magic eight ball to get the answer they want; now that the CBO says that $54 billion will be saved with tort reform, will they include it in either the Baucus bill or the senate version?

-The White House’s communications director makes a doucher move and attacks Fox News for not being CNN. Maybe CNN will win a Pulitzer for not being Fox.

– Has the tea party turned against GOP leadership?

Plus Cool Points, the always-righteous selection of killer bumper tunes, and your calls. 8pm CST, info up top.


DNC Scraps Health Care Ad at Dole’s Request

Chinese dissidents let down by Obama Nobel

President Obama wins the Nobel Prize for Peace  but that’s not his fault. –

Tea partyers should get Nobel Peace Prize instead

The Real Cost of the Baucus Bill: $2 Trillion+


President Obama Comments On Winning Nobel Peace Prize
Bob McCarty’s video footage of K&N protest
One more time! Howard Dean on tort reform. Too bad the CBO just released a report saying that it would save $54 billion to include it.
Filmmaker questions Al Gore on the errors in “Inconvenient Truth,” and is shut down by other … journalists?
Anita Dunn, White House Communications Director, being a doucher to Fox News.
Gibbs: “This award is based on hope, not achievements.”

Bow Wow Wow “Aphrodisiac”
The Cult “Coming Down”
Luscious Jackson “Naked Eye”
Air “Sexy Boy”
The Like “What I Say and What I Mean”
The Bird and the Bee “Diamond Dave” (One of the best videos EVER)
The Killers “Shadowplay”

Back tomorrow.