Democrat analyst to White House: “Grow up, quit being crybabies”

Plus an interesting note about what the White House thinks of liberals who dissent.

“They need to grow up … you’re the president of the United States!” From one Kristen Powers:

A good rebuttal to White House Communications Director Anita Dunn (I played this audio on last night’s show) who smeared Fox News:

More from the White House: the Obama administration doesn’t just smear conservatives who don’t agree with them or question their progress, they smear LIBERALS who don’t agree with or question them, too, calling those who don’t agree fully with Obama’s proposals the “internet left fringe”

I wonder if that goes for the GLB community, too, who’ve yet to see anything but a promise tossed their way what, a whole nine months after the man was elected? I mean, he issued an executive order to lift the ban on funding abortions oversees, all it would take is an executive order for DADT. Interesting.