White House takes aim at liberal bloggers

Wow. The White House gets cranky when it can’t co-opt and fully manipulate a bloc like it did with the NEA and ACORN.

Liberal bloggers are up in arms over a reported jab from a White House adviser. 

The uproar began this weekend when NBC’s John Harwood, after reporting on a gay rights march in Washington, relayed a dismissive quote from an anonymous administration official.

“And for a sign of how seriously the White House does or doesn’t take this opposition one adviser told me today those bloggers need to take off their pajamas, get dressed and realize that governing a closely divided country is complicated and difficult,” Harwood said.

Though the quote seemed to refer to the “internet left” in general, many bloggers are taking the quote as an affront to the gay activists, who are already angry with the president for not pushing hard enough for LGBT issues.

Video, full story here.

How thin-skinned IS this administration? They attack dissenters, call them terrorists, call people who didn’t agree with the President’s Nobel Peace Prize “terrorists,” attack Fox News, and now they feel that liberal bloggers aren’t carrying enough water so they attack the very community which helped create this president?

I don’t agree with the majority of liberal bloggers but I think any inference that somehow the leftosphere is obligated to never question this president and act as nothing but a mouthpiece for the current government is ridiculous and offensive – it’s offensive for any elected official to assume that the enclave of political bloggers will go to bat for them.

Further proof that the White House doesn’t just use community groups; it also cheapens the artistic community by persuading them to donate their skills (that they would be grandly paid for were this a typical business exchange) in the name of partisanship for nothing; now they’re trying to co-opt the blogosphere in the same manner that they have done with a majority of the media.

I’ll stick up for the liberal bloggers even though my doing so as a conservative will earn their criticism. They deserve the freedom to be loyal to their ideology, not a political party, so do conservatives.