Yes, the UK has such “great” healthcare

If this doesn’t disturb you then nothing will:

PA photo

PA photo

It’s a photo of new parents holding their son for the final time before shutting off his life support. He was severely brain-damaged due to subpar care.

Ms Rees had been admitted to the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff 32 weeks into her pregnancy, in November 2005, with abdominal pains.
But she told how her labour was not properly monitored for more than two hours at. She said heart readings ‘clearly showed’ her unborn baby was in distress.
‘I just couldn’t understand why they weren’t doing anything to help me and my baby,’ she said.
‘At my last antenatal visit I was told my baby was breech and I would need a caesarean section.
‘It was a no-brainer – I knew my baby needed to be delivered urgently.
‘I was screaming in agony and begging the midwives to get my baby out but they just left me.
‘I couldn’t believe it when a doctor arrived and said I wasn’t ready to deliver but had probably eaten something that had disagreed with me and to try going to the toilet instead.’
An emergency caesarean was performed an hour-and-a-half later on a second doctor’s recommendation.
Baby Arun was taken to the special baby care unit but had suffered irreversible brain damage.
The parents were not told the extent of their baby’s health problems for five days.

Startling contrast to my own labor experience here in the states. Doctors were attentive; we toured hospitals pre-labor before choosing the one we liked best; I felt as though I had the best OB; care was immediate, as opposed to the lack of immediate care I saw in the veterans’ hospital in which my grandfather sought care, the hospital that told him he was too old for a hearing aid. Hey, cost-control.

Honestly – and I don’t expect any of the liberal male bloggers who stalk me to relate, the men who’ve never given birth or had to worry about the care of both their life but the life tied to theirs – I would be terrified to have government insurance as an expectant mother. I would be terrified as to what my options would be, how much care would have to be rationed to save costs.

Maybe our President will just tell such women to “take a pain pill.”