Local reporters: Limbaugh incites violence every day

Mr. Sharp discussed this video on his weekly segment on my show last night:

I couldn’t think of one time that I had heard of Rush “inciting violence”. But I also knew that Mr. Gordon, being a responsible broadcaster, would never accuse someone of a crime on the radio for an entire city to hear with out proof. Right?

If only their smears had a shred of support statistically. This is a broad indictment, not only of one broadcaster, but talk radio, conservative talk radio, conservative bloggers, activists, period.

Nice that we’re now in an era where one can be persecuted for their beliefs and politics with made-up quotes falsely attributed to them.

Also from Sharp: UPDATE: Local Sports Guy’s Refuse To Apologize To Rush Limbaugh. (The first 45 seconds of his first video in this post is my favorite.)