GOP: “We won’t retaliate over Snowe vote because we’re pansies.”

Let’s just keep it in layman’s terms, shall we? I excerpted the most ridiculous sentiments from the GOP in this Politico piece:

“My job as whip is not to twist her arm but to bring all the information that we can bring to bear on the issue and hope that people vote the way we would like to see them vote,” said McConnell’s No. 2, Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.).

Kyl said a heavy-handed approach “doesn’t work.”

And indeed, it could backfire — not just with Snowe but with other Republicans who’ve indicated that they could cross over to help Democrats pass some of President Barack Obama’s top domestic policy initiatives.


Snowe was the only Republican on the Senate Finance Committee to vote for the Democrats’ health care bill Tuesday. And over the summer, Graham was the only Republican on the Judiciary Committee to vote in favor of Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination to the Supreme Court.


But just as Snowe’s committee vote has allowed Democrats to claim “bipartisan” support for health acre reform, Graham’s backing of a climate change bill — even if no other Republicans join in — would be a huge boost for Democrats.


Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), No. 4 in the leadership, said the caucus was taking Snowe’s vote “in stride” and that retaliating against her is “not the way we operate.”


“I think there has to be a tremendous respect for people to be able to vote their conscience and vote what’s in the best interest of their states.”

No, they won’t do anything, they’ll allow Snowe to move up and compromise future efforts because they have absolutely no backbone of which to speak.

They operate under the erroneous assumption that to do anything to purify the party of anti-free market officials is “retaliation.” Snowe betrayed the majority of American voters because the majority of America is against this particular reform. When an employee fails to carry out their work obligations, when they perform under expectations, they are fired. That’s not “retaliation.” Does the GOP care more about saving face with Democrats or voters? Are they oblivious that 2010 is just around the corner?