J. Crew sells “Che Guevara replica jacket”

Are you [redacted] kidding me?

Ignorance is couture:

Picture 5

Do you think the families of Guevara’s victims see a dime of this money? Guevara was against freedom of speech, expression, religion, homosexuality (gays were jailed and killed) and everything else the left holds dear which makes the sale and promotion of his figure as some sort of iconic figure of the underdog piteously ironic.

Picture 9

[Above] The brutal murder of Col. Rojas, who was shot to death on orders of Guevara, without the benefit of a trial.

Photo of one of Guevara’s victims from here, where you can also read a letter from one of his victim’s families. More on Guevara here.

Yet J. Crew and manufacturer Belstaff find it fitting to sell merchandise bearing a murderous thug’s name to people he’d likely have murdered.

Picture 7

Founded in 1924 in Staffordshire, England, Belstaff’s exceptionally designed, hard-working and waterproof outerwear is as famous amongst serious motorcyclists as it is with fashion aficionados. Their durable classics include this heavyweight waxed-cotton jacket, a perfect replica of the one so famously worn by Ernesto Che Guevara on his legendary motorcycle journey across Latin America in the 1950s.

Ooh! Do you think they sell a Replica Hitler’s Mustache® to accessorize and complete the look?

Picture 6

OMG this thing is $795 dollars. Nearly a thousand dollars to wear an over-priced jacket which bears the name of a murderer romanticized by those intellectually unable to educate themselves about Cuban history. Oh and it’s sold out. Of course it is. God bless America and liberalism.

I realize that J. Crew doesn’t manufacture this item but they did choose to carry it in their stores, sell it, and make a profit from selling it, so they bear some culpability here. Belstaff are numb to the horrors that Guevara’s victims endured and they are heinous and irresponsible for profiting off the reputation of a man who built said reputation on the backs of the dead – further subjecting his victims’ families to prolonged agony.

Shame on both counts.

(Thanks to Ken for this tip! J.Crew told him at 10am CST that the name had been changed but as of now it still is not. Regardless, a name change doesn’t erase the offense.)