Newt Gingrich poised to blow the second Republican Revolution

What’s wrong with Newt? It’s a question that’s been circulating amongst my conservative friends. Gingrich came out today in support of Republican nominee for New York’s 23rd congressional district, Dede Scozzafava, an ACORN-backed, Working Families Party-endoresed, Daily Kos-endorsed, pro-abortion, pro-stimulus, and pro-card check. (Kos actually endorsed her over the Democratic nominee because Scozzafava is more liberal.)

Gingrich’s key endorsement could spell good news for Scozzafava, heretofore supported only lukewarmly by her own party. Already, the Club for Growth, Concerned Women of America, evangelical leader Gary Bauer, former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-Tenn.) and a host of other GOP supporters and lawmakers have sided with Hoffman, who has recently posted gains in preliminary polls.

No, Gingrich’s support won’t spell good news for her because Gingrich has lost some credibility lately, most recently with his attempted co-opting of the tea party movement; now he’s completely lost it by dragging the GOP into ACORN territory.

Gingrich, however, seems not to care about this brewing, inner-party divide. Instead, he championed Scozzafava’s candidacy on Friday as the future of the party — not necessarily the harbinger for a lingering party divide, as some pundits have speculated.

“The Republican Revolution in 1994 started very much like what we see today,” the former speaker said. “Like then, our country is reeling from misguided liberal policies, high taxes and out-of-control spending. This special election in New York’s 23rd Congressional District could be the first election of the new Republican Revolution, but we need the momentum to get it started.”

Does Gingrich believe that Democrat-lite and fiscal irresponsibility are the future of the GOP? It certainly seems so. If the GOP chooses to go down this path, it signifies to me, the end of the Republican party.


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