Secretary Of State Robin Carnahan’s Office Leaks To FiredUp?

As 24th just revealed a couple hours ago on tonight’s show:

You simply can’t be involved in partisan political operations using state documents while you’re in the government.  No matter how you look at it, someone in Robin’s office did something wrong.  And after receiving my Sunshine Request, do you know what they did?  They switched authors at FiredUp and twice more used the FiredUp blog to attack political opponents using documents procured from the Secretary of State’s office.  So on three separate occasions, we used hand-delivered letters arriving at the Secretary of State’s office, and showing up on FiredUp attached to nasty attack posts from “anonymous” commenters.

It is unacceptable.  It quite possibly breaks the law.  And now we’re going to find out who is responsible.

His full post is here; it’s a must-read.

Didn’t Robin Carnahan’s brother, Russ Carnahan, file a complaint with the FEC when Jeff Smith tried a similar tactic during the last election?

In 2004, the campaign of Russ Carnahan, who would win that race for Congress, filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission over the distribution of an anonymous flier that the Carnahan campaign said contained “false and malicious” information. [via]

Did Robin Carnahan took a page out of Jeff Smith’s book? What makes it worse is that this is Missouri’s Secretary of State, a woman running against Roy Blunt for senate in 2010. It’s also worse because there have been repeated blog posts using what should be privileged information that seems to have originated from the the Secretary of State’s office.

I wonder if the FEC is aware of this?

Edited to add: isn’t it amazing what citizen journalists can discover? Compare this to columnist Bryan Burwell, who can’t be bothered to check a fact beyond hearsay in a book.