False prophets and the GOP

I have a rare evening in; a night off from being on air, no work, no deadlines; my children are asleep and the house is quiet.

Nights like these are so rare for me, for others. As I reveled in the few open hours stretched before me, I grew angry. Do you know why I’m positively giddy to have one singular, little bitty night with no responsibilities? Because I have been working, fighting, enduring scorn and threats since February to help salvage the conservatism that the Republican party squandered these past few years via bad choices and poor leader selection.

The New York GOP’s decision to support a liberal over a conservative infuriated me, but the silence of a bunch of cowards and the support of Newt Gingrich has infuriated me even more. Where have they been these past eight months? Have they not witnessed the town halls? The rallies? Were they under a rock during the march on Washington? Do they think that simply being GOP renders them sacred or somehow places them under protection from criticism?

If so, they’re grossly mistaken.

I feel as though the tea party should persecute any fake conservative with a persistence beyond that which is applied to liberals.

One of the biggest lies ever told is that the biggest threat to conservatism lies outside the invisible boundaries of the GOP. I disagree; the biggest threat to conservatism is an unchecked Republican party – just as I think the biggest threat to Christianity is a false prophet. There are some false prophets leading the GOP right now: the RNC has an incompetent leader; Newt Gingrich demonstrates that his “American Solution” is to push the GOP center left by backing an ACORN candidate in New York’s 23rd. There are false prophets leading and cowards following: aside from a few Republicans like Michelle Bachmann, few others have denounced the nomination of Dede Scozzafava or Gingrich’s ridiculous proclamation of a “new revolution.” Please. He apparently doesn’t recognize a new revolution when it marches by the millions on Washington.

I’m tired of consequential fear motivating my vote. Too many in the Republican party have used this as a tool with which to manipulate voters. The Democrats have the race card; the Republicans have the fear card. They know that voters will choose the lesser of two evils – sometimes that’s a decent strategy when the alternative is decent. I wouldn’t define the situation in New York’s 23rd as such and because this seems to be indicative of a trend in the GOP – and with Gingrich’s call to shift the party further away from its base – I say it’s time to reclaim the party, give some true conservatives within it time to redeem or prove themselves, or bury it altogether.

I’ve an idea. I’d like to give the GOP – all of them, every official, every candidate – exactly one week to pledge their dedication to conservative principles by denouncing the nomination of Scozzafava and calling for a true embrace of conservatism. If they do, yay. If they maintain their yellow silence, then it’s open season.

More soon.

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