Astroturf group hiring in multiple cities

I’ve taken multiple screenshots in the likely event that they take it down.

Picture 9


Last fall, we took the first step towards moving this country in the right direction. Now we need to tackle the important issues facing Americans, from Ending Torture, to Restoring our Civil Liberties, and Protecting our Environment!

Direct one of 32 Canvass Offices Across the United States.

Job Description:

Recruitment: Build a team of 15-50 canvassers by recruiting from within the local community and developing your strongest staff into leadership positions within the office and in the field.

Canvassing: Get on the Frontlines of some of the most crucial campaigns of our time! Work on the ground bringing progressive change to America!

Hours: 80-100 hours/week

Grassroots Campaigns is immediately hiring in St. Louis as well as the following locations: CA, CO, DC, IL, MA, MN, NY, OH, OR, PA, TX, WA.

Salary & Benefits:
The starting salary for this position is $24,000, commensurate with relevant professional experience and/or advanced degrees. Healthcare is available for all staff members. Opportunities for advancement are available.

Grassroots Campaigns past and current clients include: Democratic National Committee, Political Action, League of Conservation Voters, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, American Civil Liberties Union, Common Cause,, Working America, Amnesty International, Center for American Progress, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, and Save the Children. (Save the Children is an independent organization and is not religiously or politically aligned. Save the Children has no direct affiliation with the organizations Grassroots Campaigns, Inc. partners with.)

“Grassroots” campaigning for the DNC? You mean astroturfing. Don’t sell me “grassroots” and <fingers>bipartisan support</fingers> in a graph with the DNC,, and Planned Parenthood.

Astroturfing like what we see at the weekly K&N protests here in Missouri:

Coincidence that a bunch of pro-limited option health care reformers show up all on the same day, all with the same signs?

More screenshots:

Picture 10

Picture 12Picture 13Grassroots Campaigns, Inc?

That’s these guys:

Picture 16

I scrolled through their staff; the majority of which is comprised by former DNC and workers.

From their “about” page:

GCI was founded in December of 2003, and by April of 2004 had opened offices in 40 cities throughout the country. By July 2004, we had over 2,000 staff knocking on doors and talking to voters on behalf of the Democratic National Committee. With continued work on behalf of MoveOn PAC in October, we added a volunteer force of 50,000 individuals canvassing their neighborhoods in 17 of the most hotly contested swing states of the 2004 Presidential Election. Since 2004, we’ve continued to partner with groups and campaigns to advance good issues, raise money for progressive causes, help take back Congress, and build activism at the grassroots level.

I was going to ask how they survive financially, but their website leads me to assume that since they work on behalf of the DNC and that they’re likely funded by those organizations. I wonder how much of their funding is made up by tax dollars?

So explain to me how a group possibly funded by the DNC to fake ground support for a partisan agenda is “grassroots?” Do these people seriously not understand the definition and action of an actual grassroots movement? These are the same people that attacked people like myself, Bill Hennessy, and others, for buying out own posterboard, sending a few emails, paying for our own permits out of our own pockets, and protesting. Did this upset them so much because they knew then that support for limited-choice, accept-or-be-fined health care reform was slipping fast? Were they upset because while we funded our rag-tag protests ourselves (evident when the big Organizing for America “grassroots” bus blew through cities across America) they knew that theirs were supported by big political dollars and it showed?

If the polling showed that people supported their proposals then there would BE a grassroots effort IN SUPPORT of them. But there isn’t, as has been demonstrated in this space time and time again:

Poll shows Obama’s approval rating on health care below 50%

More Disapprove Than Approve of Obama on Healthcare

Support Slips for Health Plan –

Rasmussen: 54% would prefer no bill to current ObamaCare proposals

WSJ/NBC poll shows ObamaCare fading

CBS poll: Obama hits another new low on health care

50% Oppose Health Care Reform – Rasmussen Reports

Gallup: Opposition to big government growing rapidly

Gallup: 80% satisfied with health care, 61% with insurance More Oppose Health Care Plan
Mixed Views of Economic Policies and Health Care Reform Persist: Overview – Pew Research Center for the People & the Press

(Thanks to reader/listener Kurt for the tip.)

*John emails: If I read the first ad correctly, it indicated 80-100 hours per week with pay at $24k per year.
That works out to about $6 / hour.

Is that even legal?  Paying under minimum wage?