More 3rd drama: County RNC Chair blasts conservatives; Dede calls the cops

It’s an episode of “All in the Family” meets “Cops.”

George Joseph, Republican Party Chairman of Oneida County, wrote off the election in the 23rd, slammed Scozzafava, then attacked conservatives:

Joseph blamed the Conservative Party for this circumstance as much as the breach of trust in the Republican nomination process:

“ As a party chairman I have intolerance for those who start banging the drum after the fact. It smells like a spoiler and it will be a spoiler. The relationship between the Republicans and Conservatives has been breached. For Republicans, the election is lost either way. If Hoffman can win it, which is a long shot ,where does that put us? ”

Joseph adamantly refused to call for Scozzafava to withdraw from the race. “ That would just be affirming Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long’s position. What are we going to do ? Let him tell us who we should nominate? ”

No, you let the people tell you whom you should nominate. This dude is a chairman?

Read the rest here. You can read how Scozzafava called the cops on someone who dared to ask her about her liberal stance on card check here.