Show 120 – swine flu, drive bys, eco-nuts

Bullet form.

– For the last time I am going to clarify NY23 and it’s relevance and my position on it for the loyalists who have been sending delightful mail. Reading and viewing material for the drive-bys:

My latest for Big Government: NY23, GOP, tea parties

Video: 010.21.09Cavuto: Tea Partiers changing face of GOP races

Video: 010.22.09PJTV interview with Instapundit, Bill Whittle, on NY23 and the tea party

010.18.09False prophets and the GOP

010.16.09Newt Gingrich poised to blow the second Republican Revolution

– Swine flu emergency. Everybody scream!

– Sorry, no, you can’t take a three-minute shower and get clean.

– If you bound and gagged a kid in your home you’d get arrested. Do it in a school and it’s legal.

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