Your taxpayer dollars at work: free cellphones for everyone!

Listener/reader Craig sends in this link about SafeLink using taxpayer dollars to provide people with free cellphones. Seriously? Oh yes:

Picture 12 15-34-52

How to qualify:

Picture 12

“You already participate in other State of Federal assistance program [sic] such as Federal Public Housing Assistance, Food Stams, and Medicaid.”

So, owning a cellphone is now a right?

A possession beyond the scope of someone’s income is now considered a right? Growing up poor, I was taught that if we didn’t have the money, we didn’t get it or do it. The attempt to qualify insignificant differences such as these as “rights” is detrimental to actual human rights violations.

Maybe it’s why our administration didn’t flinch when Iranians were shot dead in the street simply for speaking out.