DNC to Use Flag Desecration Video to Shill for Funds

Sorry, but shock is the laziest and most cliched form of art. Was this supposed to be pushing boundaries or something?

The DNC is using the splattered Old Glory to pick up some change, asking for donations to air the winner of its contest. “[T]o put the winning ad on national television, we’ll need folks to chip in and help cover the cost of getting the ad on the air,” the DNC says on its my.BarackObama.com Web site, which hosts its Organizing for America campaign program.

Organizing for America used 9/11 as a front to call Americans “terrorists” for disagreeing with Obama’s version of health care reform, why is anyone surprised that the DNC and the White House’s campaign arm would advertise flag desecration? Oh, right, it’s ART. Remember – it was “art” and “dissent” when people portrayed Bush as Hitler, but hate speech when the same was done to Obama or when his politics were criticized as “socialist.”

(Thanks to Lorraine for the tip)