New York 23: When a Nation Calls

What I’ve been teasing on air and online:

Before the polls open in upper New York on Tuesday morning, thousands of Tea Partiers from states as far away as California will have had an impact on what might otherwise have been an unnoticed special election. Local Tea Party Organizers across the country are overwhelmed by their people’s desire to help. Hoffman’s offices are overwhelmed with volunteers who are just showing up.
On Tuesday evening, another rogue candidate for Congress, this one from Colorado, spoke to a 9-12 Project leader whose working tireless on the ground in his home district in New York.

“Can you get someone to the airport to pick me up?” asked the man from Colorado.
“I guess. Why?”
“I’m coming in to do whatever you need.”

That one Colorado man epitomizes the thousands of Tea Party and 9-12 Project activists who have demanded action to support Doug Hoffman and other “rogue” candidates. They demand that more qualified, strong candidates emerge from the movement, and fewer “getalong” RINOs from the Republican Party.

Those patriots will soon conduct perhaps the strongest get-out-the-vote campaign ever targeted on a single Congressional election. Imagine a thousand people from a dozen states calling “friends” in a single Congressional district a continent away to say, “we love our country; we know you do too; please vote for Doug Hoffman for us; we’ll return the favor for you as soon as we possibly can.”