Scozzafava Quits

I’ve been tracking this story over at Dump Dede with a blogger round-up and more. (*Newt endorses … kinda? Check out the post.)

Also some words on big tent:

– Just because she was running with an R by her name doesn’t mean she was a Republican no more than me calling myself Jesus makes me Christ. She was an ACORN-backed candidate, supported by the Working Families Party, she may have signed the no-tax pledge and the beltway may have twisted the NRA’s arm for an endorsement, but she was a liberal – NOT a RINO. We don’t need another Olympia Snowe or Arlen Specter. I pointed this out in my Cavuto segment from 10/21 about NY 23.

– Party loyalists in the #ny23 stream are admonishing conservatives for not being big tent. Let me remind them that it has been the tea partiers, conservatives, et al. who have consistently attracted people of all religions, races, age, and both sexes who believe in limited government. It has been the tea party movement that has let the way in netroots with the RNC chairman JUST NOW starting his own blog (though he did call it “What Up” at first). Newt Gingrich and company’s limited view of narrow, Democrat-lite ideals are the antithesis of the big tent philosophy that they claim to support.

– I see some liberals and certain moderates and their Razzie-esque support of Scozzafava as some sort of women’s rights leader, Tweets such as “the GOP and big tent need more of her.” These were the same people who dumped all over Sarah Palin, the same people who dump on Michelle Bachmann, so no, “women’s rights” isn’t something that you can cherry pick and decide to support based upon whether or not you like the woman in question. Liberals don’t have a patent on women’s rights. No one does. To that extent, those saying that Scozzafava is a woman and should be supported because there is a lack of estrogen in the GOP, well, again, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann anyone? Why are they unworthy of support – they’re women. Supporting a woman simply because she’s a woman – and allowing her sex to overshadow her credentials or lack thereof – is sexist in and of itself because it says that women aren’t capable of meeting a higher bar of expectations. I believe that women can meet those expectations which is why I like my candidates conservative and if they also happen to be women, even better.

This marks a huge turning point in conservatism and the tea party movement. We tea partiers and 912ers were called crazy – I even watched as certain left members of the GOP employed the leftist tactics of August and tried to neutralize the tea party threat by dredging up the old angry mob charge – but look at what has been accomplished.

I think this is the one of most important things, if not the most important thing, that the tea parties have accomplished thus far.

I’ve said this since before the elections: conservatism, when watered down at the ballot, rarely succeeds. Conservatism in its full, limited-government strength wins every time. That’s one of the things we’ve learned about #ny23 thus far.

*Also, my piece on the matter for Blogher.