Organizing for America Comes to St. Louis

Picture 20

This is the same Organizing for America that called anyone who disagreed with the President a “domestic terrorist” on the anniversary of 9/11, the day they were using as phone bank day to rally fading support for HCR. Nice.

Picture 21

I drove by to check out the grand opening, unable to stay since I was due on air in a bit, but I snapped a few photos, checked out the general mood of the assembly, and said hi to some folks. I saw Bill and Michelle inside. A nice group of protesters stood outside and welcomed the campaign apparatus of Barack Obama to our city. Bill’s description of the event is worthy of a read.

Jim’s photo in front of the big Mao-esque photo cracks me up.

Picture 23

I didn’t see an American flag in sight – except the ones carried by our fellow protesters. Sad.

Organizing for America opened their office in an area that could benefit from those who have a servant’s heart – a desire to serve their community, not some cult of personality icon, not a bigger government, not materialism. The sad thing is, I think OFA opens their offices in such neighborhoods because they like to exploit the people within them. I’ve seen it before with ACORN. I wonder if members of the community were invited to nosh with OFA. I wonder if OFA made an effort to involve our community in any other way except opening up a big government franchise in an area that needs love, not exploitation. We’ll see.

Welcome to St. Louis!