Trifecta: Tales from the Trail: Scott Ott on His Citizen Campaign

Picture 15

Clicky here. Steve and Scott are a blast with which to work and Scott is fresh off a campaign himself. I’m filling in for Bill Whittle this week who’s on assignment.

Also, Sarah writes:

Inspired by Dana Loesch’s Gadsden Flag pendant (as seen on her latest PJTV appearance), I went shopping on Etsy to see if there was any fresh handmade Tea Party themed stuff there that Tea Partiers might like.  I found some interesting things, priced from $2 to $1000.  I wrote a blog post on what I found.

I received the pendant from a reader/listener/fellow tea partier while in Quincy for 9/12; I have a photo of her that I’ll post. I first saw her with the pendant at Keiner Plaza and complimented her on it – she made it herself! In such a sweet gesture she made one for me and gave it to me in Illinois. I’ll find out whether she’s interested in selling them and follow up.