Show 133: Mr Obama, Tear Down That Wall

Twenty years ago today when the Berlin wall fell I was but a tiny elementary school girl whose only knowledge of German politics came from the German girl to whom I sat next on the bus ride home every afternoon. Her dad was a mechanic; it wasn’t awesome over there; she was happy that the wall was coming down because her parents – legal immigrants – said that tyranny was over. It was the very first time I’d heard that word used.

I married into a very German family who celebrate this anniversary as well.

Obama “spoke” (prerecorded statement) at the ceremony; ironic, considering that as we are celebrating the fall of the Berlin wall, our president is trying to build one here, in Washington, in congress.

The fall of the Berlin wall isn’t about him, but he tries to make it so, at the 1:39 mark. Nice of him to completely ignore Reagan’s truly historic role and dance around having to say “Reagan” by name at all.

WWBD (What Was Biden Doing): having a corndog and raising money for some Detroit Democrats.

I’ll be discussing this tonight, as well as the just-released police report of the Gladney beating, soon, I’m sure, to be popularly known as Gladney-Gate.

Also, James O’Keefe (yes, the ACORN pimp) is set to join me later in the hour to detail the project he undertook today.