Axelrod Hints at Stripping Stupak out of Obamacare


“The president has said repeatedly, and he said in his speech to Congress, that he doesn’t believe that this bill should change the status quo as it relates to the issue of abortion,” Axelrod said. “This shouldn’t be a debate about abortion. And he’s going to work with Senate and the House to try and ensure that at the end of the day, the status quo is not changed … I believe that there are discussions ongoing to how to adjust it accordingly.”

Someone get Carville over here to tack a piece of paper up that says “It’s about who pays for it, stupid.”

Thus, wherein lies the argument. The White House wants to make this about abortion because they are losing this battle and if they redefine the argument it will shift the focus away from the disturbing assault on civil rights in this legislation, and retrain eyes on the abortion issue. Saying one thing and doing another. Of course, you could also argue that if they didn’t want this to be about abortion, they wouldn’t force the issue.

Don’t be distracted.