Sunday Edition Show 137: KSM Sounds Like an Early 90s Techno Band Name

And a bad one at that.

Jeremiah Dellas will be sitting shotgun on tonight’s show.

On deck:

– Of course it makes perfect sense to hold a criminal trial for a terrorist at the scene of the crime. He totally deserves his day in front of the media circus court which I’m sure will make jihadists sympathize him and make him seem like a victim, not to mention give him a platform to air his insanity have no effect at all.

– If it weren’t for the pictures on the box of hair bleach, Meghan McCain would drink it instead of put it on her hair.

– David Axelrod infers that the Stupak Amendment will be stripped from Obamacare.

Plus Cool Points, the requisite cool tunes, and your calls.

8 p.m. cst.