Another Shining Example of Top Notch Reporting

24thstate has a good series going about CPUSA members and their involvement in local politics. It’s a doozy. He also makes light of local reporter Charles Jaco:

It was a good thing I wasn’t drinking coffee when Charles Jaco asked why Tea Partiers call their opponents socialist.  The resulting outrage wouldn’t have been good for my carpet or couch.  We call our political opponents socialists and Marxists because they call themselves socialists and Marxists. If Jaco was a real journalist, and not a leftwing hack posing as a responsible interviewer, he would know he had a genuine certified Marxist on his very set just two months ago.

Glenn Burleigh, the head organizer for Missouri ACORN, was on Jaco’s show defending ACORNafter Congress voted to defund them.  You would think Jaco would know his guest was a communist, especially when he had the nerve to act shocked that Tea Parties would call them out, but if so, Jaco doesn’t care.  He’s a shill, not a journalist, so let’s do his work for him.

Glenn Burleigh, like all good Marxists, fancies himself as a pretty good writer.  He’s studied the history of socialist thought, and in his long academic pursuits he’s learned the truth, namely that Marxism didn’t do enough to reward the women who drove forth socialist doctrine.  I’ll take him at his own words. Here’s Glenn writing in Political Affairs magazine, a publication of the Communist Party.

My mind almost shirt circuited from joke overload. Thanks to Jaco for the laugh.