Million Med March; Show Me Institute

While we discussed netroots and the battle of politics in the sphere of journalism Harry Reid got his 60 votes. For perspective, this is the faux-care bill:

That’s Ed Martin, who carries it around everywhere to show people what’s coming down the pike.

Good enough for us, not good enough for congress. Isn’t that special.

While the majority of Americans do not support this legislation and while doctors and nurses protested against it all over the country today, congress took another step towards shoving it down our throats.

Fred Sauer

Activist Caroline M.

Nurse/Activist Stephanie Rubach and Dr. Dan Windsor

Jim Hoft, Andrew Marcus, and I walked down to the protest during a break in the conference.


Bill Hennessy, Dave Drebes of Arch City Chronicle, John Combest, 24thstate, David Stokes