Letting off Steam: the St. Louis Tea Party 11/28

A beautiful day for uniting to pool some rally energy to take us through winter.

James O'Keefe, the ACORN buster

We learned from park ranger estimates that the crowd was around 4,000 strong. Wonderful that so many could join us on a holiday weekend.

The arriving crowd.

The gulag. You dare refuse subpar government faux-care? Into the gulag with you!

Hoft and I were thrown into the gulag:

Speaking of Hoft:

Uh oh, they got Michelle Moore and her husband, too:

John Burns rounds ’em up, loads ’em in:

Bill Hennessy, event emcee, addresses the crowd.

Nurse and activist Stephanie Rubach.

Dave McArthur

Activist Jay Stewart


Addressing the crowd. Photo courtesy Andrew Sondag of the Red Bud Portrait Place.

Reboot Congress has more, plus some good video of Jay Stewart’s knock-out speech.

Keyboard Militia has some great photos as well.

Jim Hoft reports. Also: Black Conservative Jay Stewart A Huge Hit At St. Louis Tea Party.

Rob Brenner says this is the new Minute Man with this great shot and I agree:


KMOV coverage

KSDK coverage

We’re going to be selling shirts and hoodies featuring the above official St. Louis Tea Party logo online very soon to help offset costs incurred from permits, helping people with travel, et al. We don’t have a big sugar mama like HCAN or OFA like the astroturfers do, so we’re asking that you keep this in mind when making purchases this holiday season!