Catholics Urge Archbishop to Deny McCaskill Communion Over Abortion in HCR

Tomorrow morning at 9:15 a.m. area Catholics and activists will gather outside of the Cathedral Basilica to urge Archbishop Carlson to deny Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill communion if she votes for fauxcare reform that includes abortion coverage.

Catholics Urge Archbishop Carlson: Tell Senator McCaskill “No Communion” if she Votes for Abortion Funding in Healthcare

Catholics from the St. Louis area and the Washington, DC based group, Insurrecta Nex, will hold a press conference at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis to urge Archbishop Carlson to give Senator McCaskill a public warning about her upcoming vote on healthcare.

“Archbishop Carlson should publicly warn Senator McCaskill that if she votes for healthcare reform that includes one penny towards child-killing by abortion that she will be denied communion in every parish in this diocese,” said Diana Roccograndi, team leader from Insurrecta Nex, based in Washington, DC. “In DC we constantly see Senator McCaskill defy the teachings of the Church in her votes with impunity. For the sake of innocent babies, for the sake of the Catholic Church at large, and for the sake of her own soul, this scandal must stop.”

Is abortion health care? No:

This is its agenda – to win by definition. If the abortion lobby succeeds at equating abortion with health care at the federal level, it will have shifted the entire debate. It has been marking this turf for years with poll-tested messaging, describing abortion as “reproductive health.”

Now it is reaching for its ultimate objective of removing the “reproductive” adjective and making it mandatory health care, plain and simple.