SEIU in Hot Water, Violates Lobby Regulations, Suspect in Voter Fraud

SEIU’s Andy Stern was all set to make yet another visit to the White House:

[Andy] Stern, who was planning to attend today’s “jobs summit” at the White House, has withdrawn and decided to send the SEIU’s treasurer, the so-called “Queen of Labor,” Anna Burger.

The only problem?  According to ATR and AWF, Burger isn’t registered as a lobbyist, either.  At 9 am ET today, they will file a complaint with the US Attorney, the Clerk of the House, and the Secretary of the Senate demanding an investigation of Burger and her alleged activities as an unregistered lobbyist.

From Big Government:

To the objective observer, it is clear that Andy Stern and Anna Burger are meeting with members of the White House to advance goals of the SEIU, they are lobbying. However, in 2008 both Stern and Burger de-registered as lobbyists providing the Obama administration cover to meet with them while avoiding cries of duplicity. Yet, neither Stern nor Burger changed positions or job responsibilities, they just stopped registering as lobbyists.

So who has to register?

The Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA) defines a “lobbyist” as a person who spends over 20% of his time on “lobbying activities” and has two or more “lobbying contacts.” It is important to note that the calculation of the 20% of time spent on lobbying activities includes numerous activities beyond direct lobbying contacts, and is with respect to a calendar quarter of a year.

Lobbyists who fail to register or provide honest reports are subject to civil penalties of up to $200,000 and criminal penalties of up to 5 years in prison, not trivial penalties.

Validating the claim that the Obama administration is still meeting with lobbyists, now unlisted lobbyists, Mr. Stern visited and met with the President and/or White House staff on 22 occasions between January 20 and September 15.

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First ACORN, now SEIU … when will the corruption stop?