Mailbag: “200 MILLOION A YEAR!”

Mark Patterson writes:

Subject: read your material,such a sad,angry girl

“watching,hearing you,like fox news,ILLUSION.why don’t you people talk about the HUNDREDS of millions wasted by people without health insurance,going to emergency centers,jacking up the price,i saw this with father,late 12/3 in the morning at hospital,FULL of poor,minorities,sad people,LOTS OF THEM LADY,THAT’S COSTING US ALL A FORTUNE.a hundred,to what 1500 FOR A FAMILY OF THREE,GARBAGE.bush gave millionaire bankers,wall st.THE GREAT 700 BILL BAILOUT,WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED,NOBODY WATCHING THE FOXES EAT UP THE HENHOUSE,goldman sachs paid not ONE DIME INCOME TAXES THIS YEAR,CIGNA C.E.O.’S MAKE UP TO 200 MILLION,YES LADY,200 MILLOION A YEAR,BLOOD MONEY.why aren’t you “conservative”,”tea baggers’,and honey,hope you never see the movie by john waters,”pecker”,YOU’LL WISH YOU NEVER HEARD THE WORD “TEABAGGING”,boy you need to get out more.ANYWAY,WHAT ABOUT THE TRILLIONS SENT TO THE VIRGIN ISLANDS,CARRIBIEAN,IN “TAX SHELTERS”,friend from bermuda says one six bedroom “tax shelter house” has ONE HUNDRED 89 BUISINESSES THERE,IMAGINE THOSE RIP OFF’S PAYING [redacted] NOTHING,HUGE BIG BUISNESS FROM AMERICAN TRAITORS,LADY THAT WOULD PAY FOR ALL THE DAMN HEALTH CARE,THE BUSH EIGHT TRILLION “IRAQ WAR OF LIES” AND GIVE US ALL TAX BREAKS,WHY DON’T YOU RAGE ON THIS LADY,WHY DOESN’T RUSH TALK ABOUT HOW UNDER YOUR DAMN REPUBLICANS OF 15 YRS VIRTUALLY ALL FACTORS VANISH,CHINA,MEXICO,INDIA, NOT ONE “MATTEL” FACTORY IN AMERICA.that swastiga witch, poltergeist,(aka magda goebbles),look up a pic,it works.she never cries over the inflation,jobs sent to everywhere but here,and now we have to finish what your bush started eight years ago,and destroyed economically a great country to get “saddam,and his weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION,PIG KARL ROVE BITCHIN THAT IT TOOK OBAMA THREE MONTHS TO ADD TROOPS,IT TOOK BUSH EIGHT YEARS,AND BOMBS GOING OFF IN BAHGDAD EVERY DAY,and we won that war,remember.thank god for liberals who will save this country,only bill clinton left a clean slate, carter1 trill, reagan 3/4,bush daddy 5/6,clinton ZILCH PUSSYCAT,now bush, EIGHT TRILLION,NO HEALTH CARE,GO TO GERMANY,THAT’S SOCIALISM,AND I’D LOVE TO LIVE THERE ANYDAY,CHEAP RENT,FREE EDUCATION,HEALTH CARE,IF THAT’S SOCIALISM I’LL TAKE IT ANYDAY OVER PUMPKIN HEAD GINGRICH’S IDEAS OF DOOM”

Points for creative spelling.

Heh, and it’s well-known that I’m not a fan of Gingrich.

From John (, omitted, unless he writes again):

Subject: hey stupid

I was thinking Mrs. war fever , your still young enough to enlist , go ahead , go fight for my freedoms , you stupid bimbo.

I have no idea why or how Savage would even think about having a a person like you , someone without a brain,the lack of knowledge of world history and no common sense etc even host his show , obviously he has never listened to your lousy show.

You’re nothing but a neocon blowhard and I am convinced you haven’t a clue about conservatism …

take a [redacted]ing walk , tell your producer I would beat his ass in ten seconds; If he wants to arm wrestle me , I will be glad to show up at one your tea parties and do it for 100 dollars ?

I can think of no better way to act like a conservative than to actually act like a liberal and cyber-harass a woman. I also doubt that Savage would approve.

From Michael Artell:

Hi Dana,

I recently saw you on the “FOX NEWS NETWORK” accidentally when I was changing channels. I really don’t watch that that network due to the fact that they are busy “MAKING News” instead of “Reporting News” and to be perfectly honest with you, they have no credibility as a news agency and as such, anything they “Report” just serves as a warning that people such as you are nothing more than part of the PROPAGANDA machine to try to take away the rights of the American people. Good luck in your endeavor, however I think that you will find that the American people aren’t the SHEEP that you people think that we are, and YES we can see right through you and your bull[redacted].

I love it when “people” use “excessive quotes.” Oh and RANDOM caps. writes:

Surely you are taking your kids out of school or perhaps you are educating them at home since you feel studying hard and trying your best in “school” are just subversive plots. Go ahead, glorify ignorance. See if I care if your kids grow up to be uneducated fools. If I lived in your neighborhood I would insist that my kids not be in a classroom with yours or associate with them in anyway. I would not even want them on the playground together.

I love Suebritt’s totally “random” use of quotations. Yes, boo “studying hard and doing your best!” I have not made any mention  at all of falling test scores or teachers bound to a stifling educational system because those things are stupid! I’m so glad that Suebritt is teaching intolerance to her children. FTW! Screw diversity!

TonyCinstl writes:

Dana, I just listened to the presidents plan for Afghanistan and I believe this is the most well thought out plan I’ve ever heard. I also listened to your commentary afterward. Obama has every right to “blame Bush”. Our country is screwed and bankrupt because of Bush’s policies. Obama was handed two unwinable wars, a corrupt goverment and a world that hates America.
When you, Allman and Beck get done enciting [sic] the right wing extremists, one of your followers, will most likely carry out your wishes and assinate [Ed. note: WTH is “assinate?”] our president.  Then where are we all going to be?
You act like you care about our country while you are the one bringing on its demise.

Much love even though you are a nut case.


When did dissent with economic policy become analogous to violence against those in elected office? Are Tony’s parents first cousins? Because that’s messed up. However, I bet it makes holiday travel easier for him. I know Tony doesn’t listen to the show regularly because he didn’t reference the times when I’ve discussed Wall Street or Iraq before the surge or when I got hatemail and a purely-show government tail over my Gingrich remarks.

And now for some good mail:

Annie writes:

THANK YOU for what you do. Thank you for enduring the scorn of hate from the left, thank you for keeping us on our toes. God bless you this Christmas season!

From Dan (after I posted the first hatemail earlier this afternoon:


You posted some hate mail from a “fan”:

why aren’t you “conservative”,”tea baggers’,and honey,hope you never
see the movie by john waters,”pecker”,YOU’LL WISH YOU NEVER HEARD THE
WORD “TEABAGGING”,boy you need to get out more.

Do I read this right?  This “emoter” thinks we call OURSELVES “teabagger”???? WTF?  I think this writer should pull the heads out of their behinds more often. Their side started this name calling!

Love you blog posts and other work. Keep up the good work.

C in Honduras writes:

What a combination; intelligent, correct and HOT!  Graduated from Webster Groves HS in 1960.  Retired in Honduras 8 years ago.  Dana, if you want first-hand, up-to-the-moment info on the situation here, give me a wave.

your new fan,


Ron writes:


Not sure if you are getting this email.

Keep up the great work.



Hello Dana!

Love your show! Love you! I’m so glad to see a smart and attractive young woman out there keeping it real! I know you’re on the front lines but you have backup!

Take care,



That station struck gold when they hired you. Keep it up.

From an Iraqi vet


Hi Dana,

I’ve never written to anyone on tv or radio before but I watched you speak at Kiener in April and I’ve been listening to your show, your podcasts, and reading your blogs and I just have to say THANK YOU!!!!!!! You are an inspiration to those of us who needed it to be able to stand up and do what needs to be done to reclaim our country. I can’t wait until Saturday!

Nichole H.

(She was referencing the 11/28 tea party)


I know you get hatemail. Consider this a word of support. Don’t let the [redacted]ers get you down.


I get a couple hundred emails a day and I try to get through them all. Thanks for the words of kindness and encouragement in an era where free speech and dissent is under attack.