Thanks to Rod Jetton, “Green Balloons” Has Whole New Meaning

Rod "Green Balloons" Jetton

I cannot make this stuff up:

The affidavit says Jetton and the alleged victim agreed on a safe word — “green balloons” — that could be used to stop sexual relations during the evening.

Instead, the affidavit says, Jetton hit her on the face and choked her before engaging in intercourse. Jetton allegedly said, “You should have said ‘green balloons,’ ” before leaving her home the next morning.

It’s always nice when the trash takes itself out. Good riddance.

From the KC Star:

The Scott County court clerk confirms a felony complaint has been filed against former Missouri House Speaker Rod Jetton for an incident that allegedly took place Nov. 15 in Sikeston, Mo.

Casenet says the complaint was filed today, a class C felony assault carrying a seven-year and/or $5000 penalty.

I do think it’s odd that the pair consensually decided upon a “safe word,” a sort-of acknowledgement that relations were going to get intense enough for such a thing – meaning how can you agree to have rough sex and then say it was assault afterwards? However, his idea of intense may have varied greatly from hers. It’s something that will have to play out in the courts.

I’m not, nor have I been a fan of former Missouri House Speaker Rod Jetton, aka “JediJetton,” simply because I think it’s kooky (and a lot like double-dipping) to be a public servant while also acting as a political consultant.

Jetton closed his firm today:

JEFFERSON CITY | Rod Jetton will shut down his political consulting firm, following charges of felony assault in connection with a sexual encounter with a woman last month.

Jetton, the former Speaker of the Missouri House, released the following statement through his lawyer, Stephen C. Wilson:

“Rod Jetton is announcing that he will be closing Rod Jetton & Associates, his consulting firm.

“He will be leaving politics to deal with false allegations and spend timewith his family. He is confident that when the facts of this case are heard,he will be found innocent.

“Jetton feels that right now he can best help his clients, former employeesand family by closing the doors of his consulting company.

“He expects to finalize his business dealings by the end of 2009.”

The unfortunate thing is that there will likely be some honest and good (I personally don’t believe that all his clients are) Jetton clients (more) who will be caught up in this and will be illogically and unfairly linked to his stupidity.