Missouri Family Facing Charges After Selling Raw Milk from Their Own Cow

One of the most ridiculous wastes of government resources I’ve ever heard: a sting operation targeting a family which sold raw milk from their cow, Misty, in a parking lot. Apparently Attorney General Chris Koster considers this more pressing than the actually pressing meth situation in Missouri.

They weren’t dealing second-hand pharmaceuticals to yuppie school kids. They weren’t selling e.coli-contaminated hamburger meat, cancer-causing diet sodas (made with aspartame) or canned soups laced with MSG. They weren’t even selling broiler chickens contaminated with salmonella — just as you can find in every grocery store in America. Nope, they were selling raw milk. You know, the bovine mother’s milk, unpasteurized, unprocessed, non-homogenized and wholly pure, natural and innocent. The stuff America was raised on. The stuff your parents fed you when you were a kid, if your family was lucky enough to have a cow.

In Missouri today, selling such a natural product is now apparently a criminal act. What’s next? A ban on farm-fresh eggs because the Dept. of Health doesn’t control their quality? The outlawing of raw broccoli because broccoli contains natural anti-cancer medicine?

Watch out you people selling au naturale fruits and vegetables on the side of the road! Lemonade stands are next, presumably.