Introducing: Conservatives of America

Jamie and I unveiled our new project, along with Bill Murphy, this morning. Introducing the conservative version of Conservatives of

I’ve spoken with so many people who have expressed a desire for better, tighter organization, an umbrella under which all our conservative groups could network and fellowship. Until now, no one had stepped up to take on this massive task.

Times are a’changin.

*Update: Apparently this post has been hijacked with a liberal troll either to unintelligent or too cowardice (or both) to actually debate faux care so they’ve taken to putting crap Google Adsense (I don’t even have an Adsense account and I don’t have ads on this site) on my post:

Take a lesson on how fake-liberals, or socialists, handle dissent. You’re either Gladney-ed or your page is hijacked. Lame.

Thanks to reader Kathy for the screenshots and tip.