9/12 Tea Party a Boon to Quincy Economy

This from Quincy News:

September was also strong in another area and that was Hotel/Motel tax receipts. The bed tax brought in $72,383, which was not only $17,355 better than 2008, but was also the best September on record, breaking the September 2008 mark by about $8,106.

2000 was also the first full year the hotel/motel tax was increased from 5 percent to 8 percent as the September 2000 revenue of $64,267 doubled the September 1999 bed taxes of $31,760.

Quincy Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Executive Director Holly Cain said the Quincy Tea Party’s September 12 event was the largest single new event to take place during the month, but September was also a good month for people coming to Quincy for class reunions and weddings.

It was similar to Washington, Missouri for the July 4th event, too. The town square in Quincy was packed on September 12th and I saw many people strolling around in between speakers, checking out the neighboring restaurants and shops.