Christmas Exodus at the USO

This morning I joined Jamie as we broadcasted live from the USO at Lambert Airport. It was amazing to see so many of our men and women in uniform all in one place. I’ve never felt so safe in my life.

Many of these soldiers are heading out to Iraq and Afghanistan after this Christmas holiday. One Marine with whom we talked on the show said that this is his first Christmas home with his family since 2001. He’s served four tours of duty since 9/11, two in Iraq and two in Afghanistan.

The gentleman above, in uniform to the left, is a general. The men and women in uniform were still technically on duty and would stand at attention whenever in front of him. We interviewed him on the show and as he called out to the soldiers passing by to give a “HOO AH!” into the mics, they stood straight at full attention towards him and tipped their head before leaving.

Jamie and I interviewing the troops (General Martin in this case). Photo courtesy Doug Edelman.

Merry Christmas to our best and brightest. We have the greatest military in the world because we have the most selfless, bravest VOLUNTEERS who form it. It was an honor just to be there.

Thanks to the wonderful patriots who came out to shower our men and women with warm welcomes, holiday cheer, and candy canes.

More later today; TCF (Taking Care of Family) this afternoon.

*Update: Bob Keough took video: