Show 161: The Democratic Irony Edition

On deck tonight:

– Democrats have no problem playing Russian roulette with American lives in health care reform; nor did they have a problem with making funding for soldiers a political issue during the previous administration; now they’re late bringing a defense appropriations bill to the floor in the middle of a health care battle and despite their ruling congress, it’s still all the Republicans fault and stuff or something.

– Open phone lines, Friday mailbag, Douche of the week.

Plus: DanaCam. Live at 7:05.

7pm central.


Democrats Refuse To Fund Troops This Year

War bill survives poisonous vote

What happened last night in the Senate; Plus: Tick, tick, tick, still no Demcare bill

Congress readies $626B defense budget


Hugo Chavez: “Obama is the big Satan or something and stuff”

Virginia mom gives birth, kills baby, but it’s OK because it’s not “life” as the umbilical cord is still attached. Some would call this “late term abortion”

Congress in socks

Music this past week:

Imogen Heap “Canvas” (love this song and this beautiful video)

Janet Jackson “Rhythm Nation” (Best Janet song ever)
The Black Ghosts “Full Moon”