Liveblogging the Senate Vote

Watch here, or on C-Span2.

11:15 John McCain on the floor. Remember when the right couldn’t unify behind him last election? Bet they regret it now.

11:26 Tom Harkin is up there talking about how bad it is to use scare tactics like his … party … uses.

Tom Harkin wants to be the boss of you

11:31 Harkin mentions Kennedy. Drink!

“In a half-an-hour” let’s make history.” Legislative rape.

11:36 Chris Dodd is up talking about fear or some crap while saying “pass this bill or you all will die penniless and of horrible deaths.”

Dodd argues that the debate is between those who think that having your health care paid for is a right and those who think that having your health care paid for is not a right.

11:42 Why stop at the United States? Why not pay for the health care of all the world? Oh – but wait. They’d call us imperialists.

11:52 Mitch McConnell: “Can all of these Americans be wrong? Do their concerns count?”

11:54 Kudos to Harry Reid for demonstrating irony when accusing the GOP of fear-mongering while giving an emotional appeal for government control at the same time.

If this bill protected patients so much, why the $8b cut from hospice, the millions cut from home health care, the control costs for women?

11:58 FYI, the CBO calculates from the numbers, fuzzy or not, given to them by the administration. No other outside figures are incorporated.

12:00 Affordability and access are important to Reid only if the control of such falls under federal, not individual power.

Reid talks about the evils of the insurance companies. He decided to solve it by giving them even more customers under a federal mandate. FAIL.

12:07 Reid is about to bring Tiny Tim or one of those puppies from the animal abuse commercials to the floor. Just you watch.

12:08 Here we go. Cloture vote.

Kit Bond votes no.

12:11 Party line thus far.

12:13 Claire McCaskill votes yes.

Yeas 60 Nays 40. 58 Democrats, 2 Independents, 40 Republicans.

12:18 The motion passes. Money talks.