Show 163: The 1.2 Billion Dollar Christmas Present

On deck tonight:

– Congress just screwed us all without the benefit of dinner and a movie and passed the fauxcare bill towards the next step in its progression to probable law.

– Liberals only like polls when the data can be Climate-gated to shore up their agenda.

– Your calls!

-Today in Stupidity!

– Plus – Jay Stewart joins us to talk about how he’s … a big … racist? … for not liking fauxcare.

FYI – for caller John – here’s video of that “angry white guy” Jay Stewart blowing the roof off of the 11/28 St. Louis Tea Party.


CBO pegs Nelson’s Nebraska Medicaid deal cost at $100 million

Senate health vote schedule – First Read –

Yup, those Democrats are all for “competition”


Harry Reid: “Yeah, we bought ’em off. What of it?”

Sheldon Whitehouse says that the 61% of Americans who oppose fauxcare are militias and racists.

Obama says we can’t spend taxpayer money like he does.

Ben Nelson says that being the 60th vote isn’t fun. Wah.


Prince “Let’s Go Crazy”
Rage Against the Machine “Killing in the Name of”
U2 “(Pride) In the Name of Love”
Prodigy “Firestarter”
Muse “Hysteria”